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* Excellente!   Our Special Guest Speaker  right here at 25 S. Newland St. on Sunday/2.18, 10:40 a.m., will be Founder and President of Nat’l Home Improvement, Steve Becker.   Steve’s company just provided the amazing $100K+ hail damage repairs for the Church garage and building, and  parsonage. Steve is a perfect fit with LCF’s 2018 Vision Isaiah 43:19 = ADVANCING and “new things.”   You will hear about new things The Lord is doing in Uganda, where Steve has ministered for years, training Pastors, and helping establish Christcentered and self-sustaining villages.   Steve is a great example of The Lord using laypeople who are available to HIM.

* LCF is a long-time $ supporter of life, including Alternatives Pregnancy Center. Our Alternatives Special Guest and Rep on LCF’s annual Sanctity of Human Life Sunday/1.28, will be Carol Hart.

* What a GREAT and Genesis 12:2,3 start to LCF’s 2018 and 100th!   Here’s the response from Trish Merkl, O’Kane Neighborhood Assosiation Board President, upon hearing that LCF is providing delicious Village Inn pies for our O’Kane neighbors this coming Tuesday night/1.23, 7:00 p.m., LCF’s upstairs Hall– “This is wonderful and so thoughtful!   Thank you!”
* LCF is open this Sunday/1.21, snow or shine. . .walks will be shoveled, our parking lot melts snow due to its seal-coating, there is little traffic on the roads on Sunday mornings, Sunday School doesn’t start till 9:30 a.m., hot Village Roaster coffee will be waiting for you, and a FREE lunch.
* And those staying this Sunday/1.21 after Cel Serv for annual LCF Family Forum will  actually get to hold an LCF artifact!


Ephesians 4:4-6. . .neighborhood Church partnerships. . .LCF’s Valentine’s Event will be at BCF on Sat/2.10, in the evening; more details to come.   BCF  does all the work, we simply pay a slight fee for the food, and have a GREAT time.

* Excellente, and Colossians 1:28. . .Elder Craig has also purchased a copy of Future Grace. T = Text Time
“Leaders are readers.”
LCF’s 100th. . .this Tuesday night/1.23, 7:00 p.m., LCF will be providing multiple and delicious Villlage Inn pies for our O’Kane neighbors and during their regular meeting in the upstairs LCF Hall. Genesis 12:2,3 = “be a blessing”

* Be sure and talk with Mary Konold about the Sharing Jesus Seminar hosted by LCF on Sat/2.10. LCF’s 100th
* Very cool. . .during this Sunday’s/1.21 annual LCF Family Forum, and as you’re enjoying the lunch provided by LCF, you will literally SEE LCF historical pics and doc’s on the Hall TV.   Special “thanks” to Craig Morgan for making this happen.
 * LCF’s 100th Anniversary Planning Committee is working on a special US Military  Veterans recognition in O’Kane Park (reserving a shelter, too) on Sat/5.26 (the Saturday before Memorial Day). The Committee is also working on printing commemorative LCF 10oth T-shirts, which you’ll be able to purchase. The Committee is also contacting Alliance Life Magazine to have a staffer here at LCF on 8.4.18 for Celebration Day, with President Stumbo in attendance.

* Pastor Jeff enjoyed a GREAT cell conversation with LCF Church Member Derick Boese  this week (Derick greatly attended Taking The Next LCF Step 2015).   Pray for Derick, he’s jetting out from Crown College early February and will be testing with/for the CO Springs Police Dept.   Derick graduates from Crown this May, completing his Criminal and Social Justice Degree.
* How ya doin’ Psalm 119:11’in’ LCF’s 2018 Memory VerseIsaiah 43:19 ?
* Pastor Jeff, as part of The MAD LO&CC, will be included in Pastor Simeon’s Ordination Service at CVMI on Sun/2.18, and we’re thinkin’ how we can get LCFers to CVMI and enjoy the Service as well.   More details to come.   In LCF’s 100th year of ministry, here’s another of those Isaiah 43:19 “new things.”
* One of the LCF 100th planning committee members made a $ donation to provide additional VI pies for our O’Kane neighbors this Tuesday night. 2 Corinthians 8:7 = “excel in this grace of giving”
* With just a few inches of snow projected for this Sunday/1.21. . .hmmm. . .were it Monday morning, would you apply the same effort to get to LCF this Sunday morning (with virtually no rush hour traffic), as you would to get to work on a snowy Monday morning (with loads of rush hour traffic)? We’ll have some new Village Inn Roaster hot coffee ready for you, and your lunch is provided, too! Acts 2:42 = “devote” = inconvenient

* Answers to the questions about the AWESOME video below, and which C&MA Missionaries were hosted by Frank & Pat Banker in their home, and which C&MA Missionaries drove Jeff & Leigh to Valle Nevado:   Steve &  Lori Albright. . .Bob & Cheryl Fugate.   Bob & Cheryl were just a at Matt &Tab’s Church in PA for Missions Week, they had a GREAT time!
* And did you see the Hernandez’ in the video right above?!   Just with us for LCF Missions Fest!

* You betcha there’s such a thing as a FREE LUNCH. . .for those who stay after Cel Serv this Sunday/1.21 for our annual LCF Family Forum. We’ll see you in the upstairs Hall for lunch, and such the visible reminder that we’re forever-family, each year, and all year long! Matthew 16:18

* One of the very GREATEST highlights of this past LCF’s Sunday/1.14. . . an LCFer delivered a copy of her 2018 Thrive Plan to the Elders! Psalm 52:8 = “thriving” Philippians 2:12-16 = “working out your salvation. . .without grumbling or  complaining”
Hebrews 6:9-12 = “things that accompany salvation”
Acts 6:4 = Elders’ “ministry of prayer”

* Excellent quotes from this past Sunday’s/1.14 message, “Choose Your Measurement”:
“Give to the Lord first.  I know people who say they can’t give to the
church, and yet they’ve got a new cell phone and are carrying a cup of
Starbucks into Church every week.  That doesn’t compute.  Learn to give
the first and best of your money to the Lord.  The harder that seems, 
the more you need to do it.”   (Tim Challies)
* Giving offerings above regular tithes to LCF, here’s the blessings of those
offerings given to The Great Commission Fund:
* And in the vid clip right above can you see/identify the C&MA Missionary
who stayed in the home of Frank & Pat Banker, while with us for LCF Missions
Fest ?! And can you identify which couple in the vid clip right above, once took Jeff
& Leigh to Valle Nevado, outside Santiago, Chile, in June of 1999.
* LCF Christian Education Committee’s next LCF Family Jamboree happens
Sat/3.17, with Guest Speaker:   Jill Emerson.
* Magnifico. . .an LCF couple is currently immersed in LCF Life Development!


* This Sunday/1.21 and during Cel Serv you will see/hear an exciting way you can have “beautiful feet,” literally watching people John 1:12. . .and, and, you’ll make new friends from all across the Denver metro!

Romans 10:15 – 1 Corinthians 1:18

* Super, and Colossians 1:28. . .eight (8) LCFers are signed up to engage LCF’s 2018 and 100th, via Gospel Shaped Living. . .