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* We’ll be lookin’ for ya right after Cel Serv this Sunday/7.30, Library, for a quick LCF Outdoor Club Morrison Trail walk details meeting. Acts 2:42 = “devotion to fellowship”

* Last fall some LCFers were so blessed to meet, and minister to Matt and Tab York from PA; Tab was hospitalized until the birth of their son.  Wow, Matt & Tab are magnets!   Right now they’re hosting in their home in PA one of the Nurses they met 1st time at University Hospital last fall!    

 Matt & Pastor Jeff were texting tonight, still laughing about their times together at C&MA Council last month in OH, and Matt shared with Jeff about their hosting this Nurse from Aurora, Kesha. Romans 12:13 = “practice hospitality”

* Kolegar Sehkar takes his Life of Christ Series book #3 Final Exam this Weds night.   You’re invited to join him for book #4/Jesus’ Year of  Preparation this fall, right within LCF. Proverbs 2:1-6

* Speaking of Proverbs 2:1-6, Jeff will never forget hearing Haddon Robinson preaching this very passage, his 1st Denver Seminary Chapel; Jeff still has Haddon’s word’s ringing in his ears and heart– “God must become your magnificent obsession.”   (again, go meet HIM in Proverbs 2:1-6)   You’ll wanna read about Haddon linked right below:

* Haddon taught preaching to Chuck Swindoll, and below is one of Haddon’s
classic books used in Seminaries and Bible Colleges. . . Biblical Preaching: The Development and Delivery of Expository Messages (9780801049125): Haddon W. Robinson: Books
* So this Sunday/7.30 and during our time in Acts 15:12, you’ll hear/see some quotes from Os Guinness’ book Renaissance:  The Power of The Gospel However Dark The Times. And today/Monday while Steve from Nat’l Home Improvement was over to LCF, Jeff was able to share this book with Steve; Steve has significant  ministry in Uganda, which Os calls “the global south.”

* Look/listen this Sunday/7.30 during Cel Serv for a promo of an excellent and LCF adults’ Thrive Opp with Os Guinness this fall = Why Do Bad Things Happen?

* This past Sunday/7.23 during Cel Serv Michael Card’s awesome lullaby CD was referenced, here, have a listen right below. . .

* Here’s another excellent article from the brand new Alliance Life Mag, a  timely read as we’ll be in Acts 15:12 this Sunday/7.30, 11:20 a.m. . .and were you with us last fall on the south lawns during Mission Fest, you’ll remember Mark & Leah Long from Mali teaching us about “storying.”
* How ya doin’ Psalm 119:11’in’ LCF’s July Memory Verse = Acts 17:28 ?!

* Oh how Pastor Jeff enjoys hearing Haddon Robinson preach, here’s one of Haddon’s messages on Philemon. . .”God bless you, Haddon, for staying true to God’s Word until your death this past Saturday!”

* What a beautiful picture of LCFers living Colossians 4:2 this past Sunday morn/7.23. . .at about 10:12 a.m. they departed the upstairs Hall, walking  out to the corners of the Church property, praying “Your Kingdom come” (Luke 11:1-4) for those right around the Church property, which HE has commanded we care about. How thrilling it was to have Kolegar praying with us. . .he lives in this neighborhood!

* And this coming Sunday/7.30 LCFers living Colossians 4:2/“devoted to prayer” will depart the upstairs Hall at about 10:12 a.m., moving into the various Church rooms and praying “Your will be done.”

* Special “thanks” to Jack Burger, he literally scaled an exterior LCF wall to replace the W in Fellowship; an LCFer had glued those LCF letters up on that west Sanctuary wall back in 1992!  Pretty good glue mileage!

* Wow what a great Sunday past/7.23 with Hoosiers in-LCF-house!   Isaac Root, Leigh Pies. . .and former LCFers David/Davey-Do The Clown, and Paula Ulrey!

* This past Sunday/7.23 your LCF Board of Ministries, after having secured 3 estimates, contracted with Nat’l Home Improvement to provide all of the Church garage, Church building, and Church owned home (actually, The Lord owns all of the structures = 1 Chronicles 29:11-13) hail damage repairs.   Given work to be done with insurance company, and ordering/delivery of materials, work may begin in early-mid September. Nat’l Home actually provided excellent work on the Church-owned home in 2004 and 2007; the company’s owner loves Jesus, and is serving also in Uganda, assisting the formation of Christ-centered, self-sustaining companies.   It was very neat during the Board meeting to witness Steve talking with Kolegar.

National Home Improvement Advantage. For your next roofing, remodeling, or hail damage claim, reach out to National Home Improvement. We are your local option to …

* The tithe never goes on vacation; see the word “whole” in Malachi 3:10; and Jesus’ collaboration with it in Matthew 22:21.
Push Pull. How Jesus draws people to Himself. By Bob Matich. Almost daily, a push or pull nudges or tugs us toward many of our decisions. It could be as simple as …

* The LCF 100th Anniversary Planning Committee kicks-off on Thursday/9.21, 6:30 p.m. If interested in serving on this Committee, please touch base with Jeff.   Are you willing to fast, and dig deep in LCF’s Purpose/Mission Statement = “Teaching, Experiencing & Sharing Christ’s Love” ?!

* If you would like to join Giurfa’s and Brisco’s in making LCF a much more secure place = “we’re here, good times, tough times, when we don’t always get our own personal  way, you can count on us,” talk with Jeff about your copy of LCF Life Dev’t, moving towards LCF Church Membership.

Matthew 16:18

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