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* Special “thanks” to LCF’s Nominating Committee, Nominations for LCF Elected positions are now posted on the Lobby table.   Election happens during annual LCF Family Forum on 1.21.18. And excellente!   One of those Nominated attended this past summer’s Taking The Next LCF Step ’17, soon thereafter he and his wife became LCF Church MembersMatthew 16:18 – 1 Corinthians 12 = “member”

* Oh what you can learn when walking with C&MA Missionaries in LCF’s neighborhood, delivering Thanksgiving gifts the Saturday before Thanksgiving!  This past Sat/11.18, Shawn, Janet & Kayla Streitenberger learned that Noe, Keila, Magdalena, Santiago & Eden Hernandez live in the same town 0f only 700 people, as do Shawn’s Uncle & Aunt! Shawn was just in Essex, IA, last summer; the Hernandez’ arrive back home there today.

* This past Missions Fest Sunday/11.19 and during Cel Serv we placed another flower in the Sanctuary John 1:12 vase!    Another Mapleton Manor Nursing Home resident John 1:12’d in the presence of LCFers last week!
* And how neat/nice it was having BCFers Dan & Jill, and Danette, with us for Thanksgiving Lunch this past Sunday!    They even bid and gave to the Silent Dessert Auction directly blessing the Hernandez’!
* During this past Sunday’s/11.19 Thanksgiving Lunch, Keila Hernandez shared with Jeff & Leigh a great and true story, and Keila gave Jeff the permission for this retelling. Years ago when the Hernandez kids were small, Noe was making $1,000.00 a month, Keila knew The Lord instructed her to write $2,000.00 on their Great Commission Fund faith promise pledge card.   6 months later. . .Keila was selling some of her handmade crafts at a weekend long craft fair; at the end of the event her crafts had sold $2,006.00!    She NEVER had sold anywhere near this amount!   And the $2,000.00 then given to the GCF was in addition to their regular tithe of income to The Lord, given via The Ottumwa Alliance Chruch.
* Speaking of the Silent Dessert Auction, $1,086.00 was bid and given!
* After the Home Missions with Hernandez’ this past Saturday/11.18, going door-to-door to the neighbors The Lord has commanded we care about, the group met for coffee afterwards at Caribou Coffee; and there Noe & Keila told the gang about Children’s Day in Paraguay.   Below you’ll find the Alliance Life Mag article written by Keila:
* Excellente, and 1 Timothy 4:12. . .this coming Sunday/11.26, 9:30 a.m., LCF 7th- 12th graders just keep growing = Plugged In.    Worship. . .discipleship. . .fellowship. . . ministry. . .evangelism!
* How neat it was in the Sanctuary this past Missions Fest Friday night when invitation was extended to CVMI’s Praise Team to join us and C&MA President Dr. John Stumbo on 8.4.18 for LCF’s 100th Celebration. . .Pastor Simeon has already texted Pastor Jeff– “We will see you in August!”

* LCF’s full 100th Anniversary Planning Committee next meets on 12.7.   (There are 2 sub-committees)
* Cornell Allen sure is enjoying listening to The Porter’s Gate Worship Project, and you will too!
* Cornell’s also enjoying listening to Josh Garrells, who was featured in a C&MA video, with his song right below (and now you know more of what Cornell and Jeff get to talk about greatly when they arrive to facilitate GriefShare on Monday nights!:

* LCF’s Great Commission Fund pledge total = $6,077.00.

* LCF is a fan of Dan Stevers visuals, you’ve seen some of them during LCF Cel Serv’s, and this December you’ll enjoy some of Dan’s Advent clips; here’s another of Dan’s visuals:
* Ladies’ Christmas Party is Sat/12.2, 10:00 a.m. . .a friend of LCF dear friend Sunny Hackman will be a special guest.   Please bring a gift which costs $10.00 or less.