Has HE Changed Your Mind? Acts 2:37-41

LCF Family, generic cialis here’s hoping this coming Sunday/9.4 finds you with us as we just keep meeting The Holy Spirit, cialis canada the One Who did the “Acts” of the Apostles.

Please be sure to read Acts 2:37-41 before landing at 25 S. Newland St. this Sunday morn, twice and thrice heightening your John 3:30’in’.

Last Sunday/8.28 we left off in v. 36, Peter’s made it very clear God the Father’s opinion about HIS Son = “The Father made Jesus both Lord and Christ.”

This coming Sunday we’ll hear the responses of those who heard Peter confront them, “50 days ago when you had Jesus killed, you were on the wrong end of the deal. . .God’s opinion of Jesus is different than yours.”

Hmmm. . .v. 37, ever been “cut to the heart ?”  Is “cutting of the heart” always received positively?   Be sure and drop into Acts 5:33 and Acts 7:54.  But look at the end of v. 37 here!   “Brothers, what shall we do?” WHEN WE TRULY HEED THE MINISTRY OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, WE WILL FEEL AND EXPERIENCE A GODLY SENSE OF HELPLESSNESS.

Uh-oh. . .v. 38 carries a word we may not like. . .”repent.”   But for those who are in the awesome place at the end of v. 37, “repent” is a good word, it’s a GRACE word, its a very welcome word at/in LCF!

And when you boil this passage down, here’s the bottom-line question. . . “Who decides right and wrong for you. . .who decides virginity/fidelity for you . . .who decides ethics at work for you. . .who decides how you handle your finances, etc., etc., etc.?”

And don’t miss v. 41. . .here’s what happens when HE/GOD changes your mind about WHO Jesus really is! HE’s waiting for you in Acts 2:37-41!

Our relationship with The Lord will go no further than our relationship with His Word.”  (Beth Moore)

1 Samuel 3:21
Psalm 119
Proverbs 2:1-6
John 17:17
2 Timothy 3:15-17
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