Died Like He Lived – Acts 7:54-60

LCF Family, here’s hoping you’re with us this Sunday/12.11 as we just keep walking with The Holy Spirit through Acts.

Please be sure to read all of Acts 7, before landing at 25 S. Newland St. this Sunday morn.   We will focus our time on vv. 54-60 and a man who “died like he lived.”

This passage will show us “a hell-born hatred,” followed by “heaven-sent help” for Stephen.

We’ll have to do some teaching about the practice of stoning.   Drop back to Leviticus 24:16, Deuteronomy 17:7 and 19:15.

The Mishnah also provides some details about stoning.

And remember when we learned in Acts 2:37 about “cutting of heart?”   Those people responded to Peter positively. . .sadly, tragically and horrificly these people responded to Stephen with “a hell-born hatred.”

We also need to talk about “gnashing of teeth” in 7:54.   Do you know it happens today, even in families and Churches?  Sounds like, “why do we sing so much?  Why does Jeff preach right out of the Bible, why doesn’t he just do like many Churches today and just give us some nicey-nicey poems and stories that sound like the Bible?”

And we’ll wrap our time in Acts 7 with “a Holy Spirit-born response” by Stephen towards his attackers/assaulters.  (see vv. 59,60)  This is where we get the title, “died like he lived.”

HE’s waiting for you in Acts 7:54-60!


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