Do We Still Believe in The God of Acts 15:12 ?

LCF Family, here’s hoping you’ve already met HIM, again,

in Acts 15:1-12. . .hmmm. . .do you still believe in the God of Acts 15:12 ?

As I think long and hard about “signs and wonders” today, they’re not hard at all, to clearly see. . .

If you’ve simply opened the most recent issue of LCF’s Magazine = Alliance Life, you’ll see multiple right-now, modern-day, signs and wonders.

This Sunday morn, 11:20 a.m., I’ve condensed a few of them and you’ll see them on the jumbotron.   I’m happy for those LCFers who made last fall’s LCF Missions Fest on the south lawns a priority; those here that night remember missionaries from Mali teaching us about “story-ing,” and several LCFers got involved in some “story-ing” that night.

New friends at LCF clued in to their LCF Sunday Bulletin, back cover, got the prompt to subscribe to FREE  delivery of Alliance Life in their USPS mailbox. And there’s more possible signs and wonders sightings. . .just look to the Sanctuary John 1:12 vase.  

This Sunday morn I’ll tell one of my favorite 2017 stories. . .because a few LCFers invested 10 weeks in The Passion Play of Denver cast and crew this past spring, they got to see an amazing sight.  I’ll tell you the story this Sunday.

Philippians 4:8


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