Full of Faith and Grace”- Acts 6:8-15

LCF Family, here’s hoping this coming Sunday finds you with us in this long walk with The Holy Spirit via Acts.

Please be sure to read and reread Acts 6:8-15 before landing this Sunday at 25 S. Newland St.

Check out 1st 2 words in v. 8, “Now Stephen. . .”   This exact place in Acts marks a transition in the book of Acts. . .the bridge between Peter and Paul is this man Stephen.

Will leave you this week to do background study of Stephen. . .for example, you’ll wanna look into the “Synagogue of Freedmen” in v. 9.   What was their connection with Emperor Pompeii ?

And in keeping with our sermon title, be sure and drop back into Acts 6:5, Stephen was a man full of f________________.

Wrestle with this question this week, and we’ll answer this Sunday morn– “how can I be full of faith and grace?”

HE’s waiting for you in Acts 6:8-15!

Our relationship with The Lord will go no further than our relationship with His Word.”   (Beth Moore)

1 Samuel 3:21 / Psalm 119 / Proverbs 2:1-6 / John 17:17 2 / Timothy 3:15-17

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