Harvest (Acts 2:1-13)

LCF Family, cialis sales here’s hoping you’re with us this coming Sunday/8.7 as we’ve “waited“/Acts 1:12-26, viagra canada and now we see/hear the “why” in the waiting.

Please be sure to read Acts 2:1-13 before arriving this Sunday, twice and thrice heightening your John 3:30’in’.

Verse means you’ll need to drill down in the meaning of “Pentecost.”  Hint: you’ll need to drop back to Exodus 23.

Hmmm. . .ever hear “gimme that old time religion?”   Ever hear that if you really get Pentecost everyone speaks in tongues? But really, the context of Acts 2 and “Pentecost” is all about “harvest.”

Consider, and we’ll talk about it this Sunday morn– “how does the wind of The Holy Spirit come?”

Be sure to also do a Greek word study of “filled” in Acts 2:4.

HE’s waiting for you in Acts 2:1-13! “God’s Word educates our feelings.”

John 17:17 – 2 Timothy 3:15-17


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