Jesus Only!”/Acts 2:22-36

LCF Family, generic viagra here’s hoping you’re with us this Sunday/8.28 for the 2nd half of Peter’s sermon in Acts 2.

Please be sure to read Acts 2:22-36 before landing at LCF this Sunday, twice and thrice only heightening your John 3:30’in’.

Dial into v. 22, what’s the big deal that Peter would be very clear and deliberate to say “Jesus of Nazareth?”  (its actually a huge deal!) Be sure to also dial up Acts 4:12

Hmmm. . .vv. 22ff., how was “Jesus accredited by God?”  And whoa?!   God endorsed Jesus by sentencing HIM to die? You’ll wanna drop into Psalm 16:8-11 as well.

So, what’s your opinion of Jesus? And I really hope you’ll take the time to listen to audio clip below, yes, “Jesus only!”

Who Is Jesus? (And Why Does it Matter?) Part 5 of 5 Posted by Ravi Zacharias on May 20, 2016. Have you ever thought about how much God really loves you?


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