The not so Immaculate Interception – Acts 9:1-19

Here’s hoping you’re with us this coming Sunday as we continue our long walk with The Holy Spirit via Acts.

Please be sure to immerse this week in Acts 9:1-19.

Forget everything you’ve ever learned about the Apostle Paul, we’re not meeting him today. . .we’re meeting Saul.

Saul had it all– upbringing, degree, pedigree. . .and he knew it!   Saul was the kind of guy who was right, even when he was wrong.

We wouldn’t have liked this guy named Saul, and we’d probably be a little ticked off when this guy got saved and got used by God.  (especially if you knew Stephen, loved and cared about him)

As you consider this arrogant man, drop back into Proverbs 6:16,17.

Look closer at Saul’s conversion. . .for some people, the only hope they have of coming into the light is to come into the darkness for awhile.

And this intense and true story should bring you hope. . .those people you love and care about, who are seemingly so far from God, not even seeking HIM at all, they’re NOT out of HIS reach!’

HE’s waiting for you in Acts 9:1-19!


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