Advent devotion – Why Did God Even Bother?

LCF Family, here’s hoping an Advent devotion will turn your thoughts all the more towards Jesus this December. . . While at Denver Seminary I had the profound joy of studying under Dr. Bruce Demarest, he’s now Senior Professor of Christian Formation.

“Why Did God Even Bother?”
Start by reading Psalm 8:3,4.
And Dr. Demarest writes,
“We all have been awed when, on a dark and moonless night, we gazed at the heavens blanketed with shimmering stars as numerous as the sands of the sea.  Our sun is only eight light minutes from earth– light traveling 186,000 miles (more than seven times around the earth) per second.  The Milky Way Galaxy of which earth is a part is 100 thousand light years across. Our nearest galaxy, the Andromeda Galaxy, is 2.5 million light years from earth.  Scientists estimate the diameter of the observable universe to be 93 billion light years.  Moreover, there are an estimated 100 billion galaxies in
the created order, with the typical galaxy containing 100 trillion stars.  To grasp the number of known stars, like our sun, in the universe, we must multiply 100 billion galaxies by 100 trillion stars!  Our human minds stagger at the sheer magnitude of the created universe.
“When pompous world leaders visited the country estate of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the former President would take them outdoors to observe the panoply of stars blanketing the heavens.  After viewing the majesty of the cosmic display, Roosevelt would say to the guests, ‘If you feel small enough now, let’s go to bed.’
“The thought running through David’s mind when he penned Psalm 8 focused on why the infinite God would possibly be ‘mindful‘ of that speck of dust that is man or woman.  Surely God has no need of anything outside Himself, since eternally He is a perfect community of Father, Son, and Spirit.  Astonishingly, from the midst of that immense creation God looked upon fallen humans and simply loved what He created.  So immense is His love that He chose to leave the mind-boggling splendor of the heavens to visit our tiny planet in the person of His Son.  The babe named Jesus would grow, live among us, and give His life as a sacrificial lamb to return us to the Father.  If God so loved us, our worthy response must be to love Him and others in return.”


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