VBS Gallery

Vacation Bible School

VBS (Vacation Bible School) has once again come to LCF. Time Stone Travelers “The Quest for God’s 10 Commandments” is a wonderful program for the kids that gives them some Bible knowledge along with a lot of fun activities. As the days roll forward, I will add more pictures here. There are still 3 more days of VBS this week, so come on down with the kids and have some fun, and learn about God’s 10 Commandments!

Day 5 – June 29, 2012 Luau Day

Our VBS Final Day Included a LUAU for all the Kids

There were no complaints from anyone about the good POI

Here is that Pastor again, Leading the “One Legged Hop”

The Kids Went Inside for a Final Celebration Event

After the Event, There was a False IDOL Which had to be Dismantled

Everyone has a really great time at VBS this year, including these young ladies

Day 4 – June 28, 2012

Kids Singing “Yes Jesus Loves Me” at Vacation Bible School

Day 3 – June 27, 2012

Great Looking Desserts at VBS

Great Looking Desserts Being Created Here at VBS (yum)

Designing and Creating Crafts Every Day

Creating and Designing Their Own Learning Aids at VBS

VBS Class is in Session Every Evening

Class is always in session in this room at VBS

Day 2 – June 26, 2012

Children Learning Godly Principles

These Children are Learning Godly Principles with Bananas

An Ancient King

Looks Like the Ancient King of Babylon to me!

These Kids are Learning New Truths

Learning is Never Boring in this Library

Volunteer Getting Lemonade for the Kids

This Volunteer is Getting Some Lemonade for some Thirsty Kids

Kids Lined up for some FUN

These Kids are Lined Up to Have a Turn Tossing the Stuffed Animal that Pastor is Holding

Expressions of Having Fun

I Asked for Funny Faces, and one Young Lady Provided one!

Day 1 – June 25, 2012

Suit of Armor

Wow, a Real Suit of Armor Loaned to LCF for the Event

Kids and Volunteers Having Snacks

Volunteers and Kids Enjoying a Snack Break

VBS Stage

Here is the VBS Stage Soon to be Filled with Explorers

Kids and Volunteers Having a Snack

Another Group of Kids and Volunteers in the Back Yard

Kids Doing Crafts During VBS

Kids Doing Craft Projects in the Workshop at VBS

Mysterious Mad Scientist at VBS

A Very Interesting Mad Scientist (alchemist) I Stumbled Into at VBS – Guess Who?